Solar Installation

We are a locally situated business; we have the best solar and roofing designers, engineers and consultants who have more than 5 years of accumulated experience. We have a highly-skilled team of expert solar technicians who will be quick to tend to your needs. We can handle anything related to your solar installation. Our services include the complete array of designing, roofing, an installing the equipment. By choosing us for your home roofing and solar installation, you are guaranteed to get high-quality work.

Why Invest in Residential Solar Power?
  • Cut down on energy costs
  • Benefit from the substantial rebates
  • According to the new SRECs law (Solar Renewable Energy Credits), you can profit on the excess energy you produce.

With an average home solar panel installation you will receive more than $100,000 in monetary benefits, while getting back your investment in four to seven years.

Free Evaluation Information and Site Survey

If you think it’s time to participate to the solar movement, give us a call for residential solar in Woodland Hills and across CA to get a free evaluation; a professional engineer will be happy to fill you in on any questions you may have on residential solar panels.

Going solar has never been easier—or a better investment—than right now. With short payback periods, exciting new tech like high capacity battery storage and real-time system monitoring from your smartphone or tablet, it’s easy to see why more people are going solar than ever before.