AC & Heating

Residences on Woodland Hills, CA and surrounding areas require efficient and dependable air conditioning systems that are perfectly matched to their owner’s needs. Moreover, these homeowners demand a level a service that far exceeds ordinary expectations. HighLight Remodeling delivers with superior Air Conditioning knowledge, products and service.

When it comes to heating installations, maintenance and service, the experts at HighLight Remodeling have a depth of heating knowledge and a track record of success that is unsurpassed in the industry. It’s no wonder so many home and business owners homeowners rely on HighLight Remodeling for their heating system installations, maintenance, 24-hour emergency service and repair.

Electrical Services

HighLight Remodeling is a local residential and commercial electrical contractor proving installation and repair services for Woodlands Hills, CA. Besides having your appliances and fixtures up and running, it is equally important that they are efficient so that you are not spending more money than you should. We also inspect for safe wiring. HighLight Remodeling provides a wide range of electrical services to make sure all the wiring and electrical works in your home are performing as they should.

Our capabilities include:

  • Circuit breaker/switch calibration and testing.
  • Design and installation of substation monitoring and control systems.
  • Electrical systems commissioning and startup services.
  • Emergency services and repair for insurance claims.
  • Fault finding services.
  • Ground resistance tests.
  • Medium and High voltage splicing and terminating
  • Infrared and thermographic investigations.
  • Insulating oil tests and analysis.
  • Insulation resistance testing for all electrical equipment.
  • Meter and instrument testing and calibration.
  • Metering and demand studies.
  • Motor testing and maintenance.
  • Power system harmonic analysis.
  • Power systems and controls, design and trouble shooting.
  • Power systems engineering and review.
  • Protective relay calibration, testing, and design.
  • Scheduled electrical maintenance.
  • Short circuit analysis and coordination studies.
  • System identifications survey and studies.
  • Electrical riser drawings and blueprint development and updating.
  • Transformer testing and services.
Plumbing Services

Your business or home deserves high-quality, round-the-clock, and expert plumbing services. Expect nothing less form HighLight Remodeling. Never worry, we can be there in 30 minutes. We have decades of residential plumbing experience in Woodland Hills, CA and surrounding areas.

We offer free estimates and no-hassle guarantees.

Our Specialties: 24/7 Emergencies, Toilet Repair, Sump Pump, Water Heater Repairs and Installation, Leak Repairs, Bathroom Repairs, Bathroom Faucet Installation, Toilet Replacement, Running Toilet Repair, Shower Repair, Faucet Repair, Shower Replacement, Drain Cleaning and Clogged Sink Repair, Kitchen Plumbing And More!

Foundation Services

Warning signs that your home in CA is in need of foundation repair services include:

  • Cracks in walls, including over doorways and windows
  • Windows that are sticking and aren’t closing and opening properly
  • Flooring that is cracking
  • Doors that suddenly begin to stick

If you find such warning signs in your home, you may want to consider having your foundation inspected and repaired. At HighLight Remodeling, we will inspect your home and give you an honest assessment of the damage, if there is any. Upon diagnosing the issue, our skilled technicians will repair the discovered damage with approved foundation repair techniques and practices. Our talented experts specialize in a number of foundation repair services, including:

  • Fixing unstable foundations
  • Foundation crack repair
  • Fixing eroded footers
  • Repairing bowed walls
  • Foundation wall pinning
  • Fixing leaning chimneys

In addition to the professional repair services we offer, our services come backed with one of the industry’s leading warranties.

For more information on the foundation repair services we offer to homeowners in CA, contact HighLight Remodeling today. We will be happy to set up a free in-home consultation for you.

Insulation Service

Do you need to install more insulation in your home? Look no further than HighLight Remodeling! Our insulation team improves the energy efficiency, comfort and value of homes in Woodlands Hills, CA and the surrounding areas. And we have the knowledge, experience and resources that few companies can match.

Our skilled staff are well-versed in the latest standards and procedures for installing insulation and the application methods that can be used.

Whether you’re building a new home or replacing the insulation in your business, spray foam insulation is an excellent choice. Spray foam insulation offers energy savings up to 50%! It can even protect against mold growth and moisture.

Cellulose insulation is a green insulation that contains over 82% recycled materials and is an affordable, environmentally friendly, energy efficient insulation choice for your home or business.

Patios Service

A well designed, custom patio is the backbone of a new landscape. A new flagstone or paver patio can offer you a comfortable, outdoor environment to entertain family and friends. Patios complement landscaped gardens and surroundings as well as improve the external appearance of your property. Designing a patio can be quite exciting when you realize the potential and freedom you have. They can be square, rectangle, circle, a free-form design, or a series of interconnected shapes that work together as a whole.

Types of patio materials

Pavers – Offer unprecedented durability for light pedestrian to heavy traffic applications, combined with non-fading colors and natural beauty that will stand the test of time. Paver patio’s do not need to be sealed or stained.

Natural Stone – There are many types of stone you can choose from such as bluestone, flagstone, or limestone. Natural stone patios can create a gorgeous, rugged look with a lot of detail, while uniform dimensional stone offers a more linear and symmetrical patterns.

Flooring Service

Whether you need portions of your flooring replaced or you’re interested in redoing the floors throughout your home or business, a skilled flooring contractor can ensure that you get the results that you’re looking for. At HighLight Remodeling, we’re dedicated to providing excellent and honest service to the residents of Woodland Hills, CA, no matter what flooring project they have in mind.

Wood flooring is a solid investment in any indoor space. The elegance of wood lends itself to a variety of options for furnishing and decorating your interior; and the beauty of wood stands on its own to produce a look that’s as classic as it is adaptable.

At HighLight Remodeling, we have the tools and skills to install your new wood flooring in a detailed, meticulous fashion. We understand that wood flooring is a significant investment, and we’ll work our hardest so that you come away satisfied with the final result. Call us today for more information about our wood flooring options or to schedule an estimate for your home or business.

Our installation and floor repair team can help with nearly any aspect of the flooring industry.

Tankless Water Heater Service

Looking to install a new water heater in your home or business? Have you considered going tankless? If you have a traditional water heater, you have a large tank somewhere on your property that is storing and heating several gallons of water. A tankless water heater is different. Instead of utilizing a tank, the system heats up water on demand. The result is a more energy-efficient way to heat your water, which means less cost on utility bills.

If this sounds like it might be a good option for you, our HighLight Remodeling tankless water heater installation experts are at your service. We can help you understand the benefits of switching from a conventional water heater to a system that has no tank. But that’s not all! When you turn to HighLight Remodeling, we will assist you in selecting the right model for your home or business and get it expertly installed quickly, effectively, and affordably.

Fence Service

If your needs are residential, commercial or industrial, our unique and proven installation method is guaranteed for years of durability. We are dedicated to supplying you with the finest in quality fencing and professional installations that are virtually trouble free.
Fencing is available in four categories; chainlink, ornamental aluminum, maintenance free vinyl and wood.

Chainlink: Galvanized, Vinyl

Ornamental Aluminum: Traditional, Contemporary, Pool Code Choices

Maintenance Free Vinyl: Solid Board, Semi-Privacy, Good Neighbor Picket, Ranch Rail, Contemporary Picket

Wood: Solid Board, Picket, Stockade, Round Rail / Ranch Rail

Backyard Renovation

Looking to create the perfect escape from the neighbors, or perhaps looking to entertain the masses, we love watching that vision come to life. Before the first brick goes down, you get to see your future space.

We do not stop at landscaping or patios. As general contractors, we manage the design and layout of your entire space, including pool design, outdoor fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and even water features. We are there from the design and stay through the last plant is growing.

We create beautiful and functional artistic habitats for residential and small commercial gardens. Our services include planting design, hardscape design, installations and project management.

We have many satisfied backyard renovation customers who will attest to the quality of our work. We are committed to our client’s satisfaction, and treat each landscape design project as a reflection of the client’s taste and lifestyle.